At The Gym
Cardio Equipment 

  • Atlantis Strength Equipment
    • We have a large variety of Atlantis Strength selectorize machines. Atlantis is Canadian made and a pure premium quality product line that distinguishes itself from the competition for its outstanding comfort, durability, and performance. Renowned for its superior biomechanics, you cannot beat the sensation of working out on the Precision Series! 

  • Eurosport Free Weights
    • Dumbbells from 5 pounds to 150 pounds. Barbells from 20 pounds to 110 pounds. Large variety of Olympic bars and plates. 

  • Treadmills
    • Features like water bottle holders, personal fans, towel bars and a space for a magazine or music player that are now taken for granted were all Star Trac innovations. And user-focused breakthroughs, like the SoftTrac® impact absorption system and the Aero Bar™ comfort grip system, continue to put our treadmills a step ahead. From the E Series to the S Series, every time you step on a Star Trac, you’re experiencing the most intuitive, enjoyable and dependable treadmills running. 

  • Eliptical Trainers
    • Cardio and strength training are part of any good exercise regimen, but they’ve always been distinctly separate disciplines – until now. After years of research, testing and design, we’ve reached the next level when it comes to total body workouts. By integrating strength training into a cardio program, our total body trainers get your heart pumping and your muscles moving like nothing else. The result is a better, more effective and more efficient workout without ever changing machines or stopping to make adjustments. Spend five minutes on one and you’ll see and feel why there’s no other single machine workout quite like it.

  • Upright Bikes
    • From an eye-catching, modern design to numerous intuitive, user-friendly and comfortable features, one word you’ll never hear used to describe our bikes is “ordinary.”

  • Recumbent Bikes
    • How do you improve on an already great stationary bike experience? You make it recumbent and as comfortable as a great chair. Then you keep going with a modern, walk-through design, an adjustable reading station, dual-platform pedals and Star Trac’s signature personal fans. The result? A recumbent bike that’s the coolest looking and feeling ride on the floor.

  • Infrared Sauna

** All cardio equipment is stocked with personalized viewing screens, dock stations, and USB ports, and personalized cooling fans!